Debt Collection and Process Serving: What Servers Need To Know

This course is designed to educate process servers about debt collection civil suits. And if you’re in the state of Arizona, this course has been approved by the Supreme Court as continuing education credit! Debt collection suits have numerous federal codes and state laws that must be followed and it is crucial for process servers to be well-versed on the myriad requirements for these types of suits. At the federal level, the Fair Debt Collection Act governs debt collection practices. At the end of the course, after you pass the test, you’ll receive a certificate highlighting your completion which you’ll be able to add to your resume to help promote your process server skills and knowledge.
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Certification included
Upon passing the test, you'll receive a downloadable personalized certificate and digital Server Education "Specialist" badge which can be added to your website, resume, social media, etc... to help promote and showcase your process server skills and knowledge.
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What Others Say About Our Work

This training has helped me get my Arizona process server license and they even introduced me to a couple process service firms that I now work for.


The information is simple and straight to the point without the BS fluff of some other courses and that's what I appreciate the most. Thanks Server Education!

The material was very practical. After going through both "Becoming a Process Server and Serving Process" I felt confident this was the career for me. I found out about myself that I love being on the road and having little interactions with people is a lot of fun!
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