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The Server Education online community is a great place to interact with other people who may be interested in buying or selling a process serving business. Simply sign up for a free Server Education account and then click on the "Community" tab in the main navigation!
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Server Education

Think of Server Education as a hub of resources that provides low-cost training courses, practice study tests and an exclusive online community for those who either want to become a process server or who are currently process servers.
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Our Courses


Benefits Included


After you pass each test, you’ll receive a certificate highlighting your completion as well as a digital badge which you’ll be able to add to your resume, social media, etc... to help promote your process server skills and knowledge.

Audio Files

In addition to viewing our courses and materials online and via downloading them as pdfs, they are also available as audio files so you can listen to them at your convenience in the car, while at the gym and on the go!

Concise Materials

All of our courses and materials were created by experts who understand the importance of getting to the point. We've taken a vast amount of information and curated it into a manageable size ensuring you're only learning the most important and relevant information. 

Experienced Mentorship

Our instructors have years of experience in the process serving industry and are excited to help you start or take your career to the next level!
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Online Community

Want to build relationships with other process servers looking to exchange work, questions and ideas?  Maybe you need help studying for the test? Have a question about a specific serve situation? Or maybe you're wondering if what you just did was legal service?
Everyone needs a resource to ask questions and vent about what's happening out there. Serving legal documents can be challenging whether you are new or have been serving for years. Our Server Education online community allows you to reach out to other process servers that are open to helping you in the field when you need it most.

What Others Say About Our Work

This training has helped me get my Arizona process server license and they even introduced me to a couple process service firms that I now work for.


The information is simple and straight to the point without the BS fluff of some other courses and that's what I appreciate the most. Thanks Server Education!

The material was very practical. After going through both "Becoming a Process Server and Serving Process" I felt confident this was the career for me. I found out about myself that I love being on the road and having little interactions with people is a lot of fun!

Have Questions?

Do all of the courses cost money?

No, the course "Becoming a Process Server" is FREE!

Do I have to pass an exam? 

No, only if you'd like to receive a certificate and digital badge.

Is there a time frame for completing a course? 

No, you can do it your own pace.

Will I be able to see what questions I got wrong?

Yes, you can go back and review which ones were incorrect.
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